Create multimedia data workflows.

Make video, audio, and image data from streams and archives actionable to automate business processes and insight generation.

Actionable Media Intelligence

Make complex media work for you

Most businesses lack the resources and expertise to modernize their data workflows with AI. AMI helps your team generate business value from data across your organization.

Activate your unstructured data

Build automated processes to handle multimedia data at scale - whether it's different file types, OTT video, customer service call audio, or marketing image assets.

AI for everyone

We built AMI to make AI accessible to all. We have focused on developing our machine learning systems to support non expert audiences in order to provide business value without the need for a PhD.

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What AMI Can Do


Cutting Edge AI

Action & Automate

Going beyond data collection

No one else collects the level of granularity and important insight that you can provide from the actual video. Over the last three years with the help of Vidrovr, we've been able to monitor state-sponsored video on a level never thought possible before.

Bret Schafer
German Marshall Fund
Alliance for Securing Democracy
Value Drivers

Activate data you thought impossible to use

Cutting edge AI, without the hassle. Works out of the box. We assemble, test and improve your business multimedia workflows.


What Can AMI Do That Others Can Not?



Data being used across your business to derive ROI.

Prebuilt Integrations
We build the interfaces and integrations for you to streamline ingestion of data from a multitude of source and platforms.
Cutting Edge AI
State of the art algorithms for various mediums, languages and use cases. We struggle to make AI easy to use so you don't have to.
Automated Data Workflows
Search and discover content. Automatically action your data as part of a predefined workflow.



Data sitting around your databases, costing money.

Do It Yourself Integration
All data interfaces need to be handled by your team.
No Or Complex AI
AI still requires a degree of expertise that many organizations do not possess.
Manual Workflows
Searching for long lost data. Copy-pasting data from one system to another. Sharing data around your organization via Slack or email.
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