Action the Physical World.

AWARE helps your business modernize logistics and physical operations. Action the physical world in ways you never thought was possible.

Activate, Watch and Read the Environment

Discover and manage your operations using video and multimedia.

Localize people, objects, and events to understand complex interactions. Gain novel insights to drive safety, simplify compliance, and streamline logistics.

Analyze your physical business, discover how you can improve performance.

Understand how your business is performing in a complex physical environment. Optimize your space to improve business performance.

Enable knowledge sharing across your organization.

Share insights and knowledge across your organization based on data collected in the physical world. Find and dynamically share video and audio based on business function and for compliance.

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What It Means To Be AWARE

Seamless Integration

Automate Operations

AWARE Adaptation

Mission Critical Value

Vidrovr’s technology would have allowed us to stay a step ahead during crisis response operations by understanding the local operational environments throughout the region.

Special Forces
US Central Command
Value Drivers

Use video to action your physical space.

Use AI to action your physical space and derive insights to improve business performance


AI that makes you AWARE of your business.



Let your cameras guide you to optimizing your business.

Cutting Edge AI at your fingertips
Business personalized algorithms and cutting edge means you're using the technology funded by DARPA - the guys who invented the internet.
No additional people required
No need to hire people to look at screens all day. We provide you everything you need using our AI algorithms. We deliver you hourly, daily, weekly reports so you can dynamically optimize your business.
Built off of your existing camera system
Vidrovr is sensor agnostic plug in any camera you want and let AWARE go to work for you.



Relying on manual observations or gut feeling to inform your business operations.

Inability to make data driven decisions.
Manual or cookie cutter algorithms that don't work for what your business needs.
Need people looking at screens or AI experts
Hire people to analyze your feeds in real time. Or build your own cutting AI processing system.
Takes time and money.
Get an instant offer and get paid
Sell directly to us and get paid in a matter of days, so you’ll have the cash you need to buy your next home.
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