We're on a mission to change what businesses can do with multimedia.

We're a group of scientists, engineers, and free thinkers trying to re-imagine what AI can do for their organization.

Our Mission

We are an innovative machine learning company that’s here to completely transform the ways businesses use, store, and share visual, audio, and image data. Our mission is to help companies create actionable insight and awareness through multimedia understanding. Today we’re tackling some of the world’s most important problems like disinformation tracking and large scale video analysis.

Our Values

Mission Focused

We have a deep customer focus to understand what “actionable” constitutes to them. We believe in order for AI to deliver real value we need to empathize and understand our customers' challenges.

Intellectually Curious

We dive deep into problems to understand their true nature.  We encourage honest, open, and direct dialogue to then find the best solution.

Outcome Driven

Measuring, recalibrating, and then refining goals is core to Vidrovr's success. You can’t do that without taking a quantitative approach to analyzing what’s working and what’s not.
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We Are Hiring

We have a number of open positions, from research to business and product, even internships. Find out what is available and please reach out to us.

The Team

Hannelore Arno

Technical Customer Success Director

Tyler Hatch

Software Engineer

Blake Squires


Jesus Velazquez

Software Engineer

Zack Taylor

Software Engineer (Machine Learning)

Adam Drescher

Software Engineer (Machine Learning)

John Lopez

VP of Sales

Radhika Mattoo

Senior Software Engineer

Gianni Galbiati

Director of R&D and Applied Science

Joseph Ellis

Co-Founder / CEO

Dan Morozoff


Connor O'Day

Head of Business Development & Operations

Our Investors