We’re on a mission to make video useful.

We’re a group of scientists, engineers, and free thinkers trying to re-imagine what AI can do for organizations.

Our Mission

We are an innovative machine learning company that’s here to completely transform the ways businesses use, store, and share visual, audio, and image data. Our mission is to help companies create actionable insight and awareness through multimedia understanding. Today we’re tackling some of the world’s most important problems like disinformation tracking and large scale video analysis.

Our Values

Be Intellectually Curious

We dive deep into problems to understand their true nature.  We encourage honest, open, and direct dialogue to then find the best solution.

Solve Long Term Problems

We aim to lead our customers to their best case outcome, solving their long term as well as short term problems. This  helps us balance opportunity costs as we choose where to target our efforts.

Aspire to Customer Satisfaction

We have the capability to build something that will truly be game-changing technology, but on the way to that we have to make sure that we build something that people USE, with every development step.

Drive towards Quantifiable Yet Flexible Outcomes

When there is a process we can measure, we’ll measure it. We want to make decisions guided by performance, rationalization, and fact. But just because we set up a post, doesn’t mean we can’t move it.

Avoid “Technical Debt”

Here, “technical debt” refers to more than just messy code. We must be thoughtful and methodical in everything we do to avoid the need to “refactor” debt later on.

The Team

Adam Drescher
Software Engineer (Machine Learning)
Connor O'Day
Head of Business Development & Operations
Dan Morozoff
Co-Founder / President
Elvis Lim
Senior DevOps Engineer
Gianni Galbiati
Director of R&D and Applied Science
Hannelore Arno
Technical Customer Success Director
Jesus Velazquez
Software Engineer
Joseph Ellis
Co-Founder / CEO
K Agajanian
Software Engineer
Kalea Gore
Product Manager
Kirk Liddle
Senior Federal Account Executive
Radhika Mattoo
Senior Software Engineer
Zack Taylor
Software Engineer (Machine Learning)