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Vidrovr is making all parts of video useful to empower enterprise decision makers and alleviate
tedious work.

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Using machine learning, Vidrovr processes messy unstructured video, image, or audio data providing business insights to help drive revenue, make strategic decisions, and automate monotonous processes within your business.

Unmanned Systems

Minimize equipment downtime and proactively plan for equipment replacement. Get alerts automatically when damage is detected in video footage.

Public Sector

Leverage AI to empower mission objectives and decision making with automation.

Media Analysis and Actions

Monitor persons or topics of interest across various media sources. Receive alerts on critical events such as guest appearance patterns or disinformation.

Critical Infrastructure Monitoring

Ensure critical infrastructure is monitored 24/7/365 with automated alerting for safety and operational events.

Natural Resource Security

Protect ecological assets, including plants and wildlife, near human infrastructure and farther afield. All while maintaining a minimally invasive footprint.

“Vidrovr’s technology would have allowed us to stay a step ahead during crisis response operations by understanding the local operational environments throughout the region.”
United States Central Command
Bret Schafer
“No one else collects the level of granularity and important insight that you can provide from the actual video. Over the last three years with the help of Vidrovr, we've been able to monitor state-sponsored video on a level never thought possible before.”
German Marshall Fund Alliance for Securing Democracy