Fighting Disinformation

The German Marshall Fund sought to identify and track video based disinformation campaigns online. They turned to Vidrovr to achieve state of the art performance in multimedia stream monitoring of broadcast and social media content.

The Challenge

Alliance for Securing Democracy, part of the German Marshall Fund and a leading think tank in Washington O.C. focused on the media and information space, wanted to track and analyze video, social, and website content from a variety of state-sponsored sources from around the world.

ASD reached out to Vidrovr to ask if we could help them monitor and analyze Youtube and Live stream video content, and then provide details about that content that could be leveraged in their public dashboard, Hamilton 2.0.

Our Solution

ASD worked with Vidrovr to create services for monitoring and analyzing Youtube and live television feeds from China, Russia, and Iranian state-sponsored media channels. The following capabilities were delivered to ASD.

  • Vidrovr found and collected new videos published on Youtube, as well as content broadcasted on television at particular times of day. Then, using advanced multimodal machine learning systems, we created specific ASD-defined data such as the "topic being covered“ and provided real-time alerts when information of interest was discovered.
  • This Vidrovr-generated metadata was loaded into ASD‘s proprietary Business intelligence solution, and used to render content on a publicly facing website.


ASD generated reports and analytics to showcase the messaging and topics being covered across specific sites. Users then could search through the video content leveraging the Vidrovr Search solution viewing the most important topics, key phrases, countries, people, and other forms of metadata Vidrovr was able to extract.

  • Exhaustive data collection of all video published by state-sponsored media.
  • A deeper dive into the contents of the video than any other data provider.
  • Capability to analyse and track terrestrial video, radio, and other hard to find data sources.
  • Custom topic modeling for disinformation tracking and analysis
  • Easy of use and simple integration with external APls


Governments around the world can use this information to make strategic decisions based on the current media landscape. News organizations such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and CBS News have referenced this data when writing reports on disinformation tactics by foreign nations. Contact us today to learn more: email – or, if you prefer, request a demonstration on our website.

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