Media Analysis and Actions

Supercharge your decision making and scale capacity, while saving time and cost through automated video processing.


Information is everywhere in a time of easily accessible and numerous media sources, though often with no check or balance to affirm its veracity. Additionally, the task of consolidating and correlating data across channels is a time consuming manual task, often requiring expertise in both the material and the media channel.


The ubiquity and influence of media channels continues to rise. With such an overabundance of information, the only way to keep up is through the integration of automated processing to handle multimedia data at scale. With a modernized data workflow, multimedia monitoring can be efficiently leveraged to take timely action.


At Vidrovr, we use advanced computer vision and AI-powered monitoring systems to help businesses scale their media applications. With Vidrovr, businesses can monitor numerous media sources concurrently while extracting only the business specific information needed to make high-stakes decisions and without resorting to manual processing.

Select Your Context

Vidrovr takes massive amounts of your video, image, or audio data and maps the information currently locked in those files directly to your business initiatives with little to no input from your team.

Automated Edit List

Get recommendations automatically for "smart edits" that can be used to clip small portions of video together.

Disinformation Analysis

Identify and track disinformation narratives around the world, in near real-time.

KYC / Identity Verification

Confirm identities of persons appearing in critical areas.

Promotion Detection

Identify every time an internal promotion or advertisement appears across a live stream asset.

Person Identification

Accurately identify who is appearing in live or social media content, and when they are appearing.

Topic Identification

Accurately identify what is appearing in social media content, and when each topic is appearing.

The Vidrovr Bottom Line

By processing video more quickly than a human ever could and in a volume a human could never achieve, we provide a significant cost savings to our customers.
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