Critical Infrastructure Monitoring

Supercharge your decision making and scale capacity, while saving time and cost through automated video processing.


Critical infrastructure requires large upfront investments to develop and consequently, more capital to sustain. Failures in these systems lead to dire outcomes both from a safety perspective and in impact to the broader population. Being able to monitor and maintain critical infrastructure presents a constant operational and financial challenge.


By leveraging automated monitoring, businesses can more efficiently protect their infrastructure at scale. Once integrated with existing site monitoring equipment, automated systems can continuously watch for hazards and alert when manual intervention is required.


At Vidrovr, we use advanced computer vision and AI-powered monitoring systems to help organizations keep their critical infrastructure safe and secure. With Vidrovr, organizations can detect damage or risks and extract only the specific information needed to make high-stakes decisions, without resorting to fully manual monitoring.

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Vidrovr takes massive amounts of your video, image, or audio data and maps the information currently locked in those files directly to your business initiatives with little to no input from your team.

Methane Leak Warning

Spot leaks in methane tanks and alert when intervention is needed.

Power Line Damage Warning

Analyze drone video for damage to transformers or turbines.

Safety Analysis

Ensure that workers in designated areas are taking required safety precautions.

Surface Damage Warning

Identify the severity of structural damage on your infrastructure and decide what actions to take

Fire or Smoke Warning

Protect your resources by finding fire or smoke before it can do damage to critical areas.

The Vidrovr Bottom Line

By processing video more quickly than a human ever could and in a volume a human could never achieve, we provide a significant cost savings to our customers.
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