Public Sector

Supercharge your decision making and scale capacity, while saving time and cost to achieve mission-critical objectives.


The public sector never rests but systems limited by human capabilities do. While the introduction of video surveillance technologies has reduced the number of people required to be physically present, they have not reduced the effort required to actively observe and react to incidents.


As a nation, we have many “blind spots” in our data. By adding capabilities to automatically parse and monitor, we can shine light to those blind spots in the massive amounts of video data generated by our intelligence, military, and civilian agencies.


At Vidrovr, we use advanced computer vision and AI-powered monitoring systems to help enhance public sector initiatives. With Vidrovr, organizations can detect risks and extract only the specific information needed to make high-stakes decisions, without intensive manual processing.

Select Your Context

Vidrovr takes massive amounts of your video, image, or audio data and maps the information currently locked in those files directly to your business initiatives with little to no input from your team.

Person Identification

Accurately identify who is appearing in live or social media content, and when they are appearing.

Disinformation Analysis

Identify and track disinformation narratives around the world, in near real-time.

Object of Interest Re-ID

Track a suspicious object or person across multiple video feeds simultaneously.

Wildlife Analysis and Detection

Detect animals, plants, and endangered species with your deployed cameras, including when and where they appear.

Logistical Analysis

Track the movement of important items across installations, leading to increased efficiencies.

The Vidrovr Bottom Line

By processing video more quickly than a human ever could and in a volume a human could never achieve, we provide a significant cost savings to our customers.
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