Automating USAF Bases

The US Air Force (USAF) faces many problems with operating all over the world. Some are caused by local flora and fauna affecting operations. Vidrovr provided a solution to monitor and assess how animals and plants interact with USAF operations.

The Challenge

Animal interference has directly caused millions of dollars of damage to U.S. Air Force equipment. The Air Force has a clear interest in limiting this damage, but operations to ameliorate these conditions must have minimal effects on the environment.

Additionally, many of the animal species near bases are protected, meaning they must be properly handled and removed whenever discovered.

These constraints require a delicate and non-invasive solution.

Our Solution

Through the use of Vidrovr, the USAF was able to pipe their existing camera network- both still images and live footage into Vidrovr's sophisticated multimodal platform. Once ingested, Vidrovr was then able to monitor in real-time each of these camera feeds and notify a user when an animal appeared in each of these feeds, providing USAF end users the ability to estimate and understand how the local fauna impacted flight operations on the base. Additional solution features provided by Vidrovr:

  • Provide analysts with the ability to categorize and search their biological specimen collections.
  • Notify USAF users when an animal had entered a flight line minimizing danger of impact with aircraft on takeoff or landing.


Using the Custom Classifier system, Vidrovr was able to notify the team of the specific type of species appearing on camera. This specificity allowed USAF end users to employ strategic actions unique to specific animals, further reducing environmental impact.

The semi-supervised Custom Classifier system allowed the USAF team to gain these insights while providing little or no training data to Vidrovr.

Key Benefits

  • Detect animals in their existing camera infrastructure and provide real-time notifications when specific animals appear.
  • Search through archival camera footage to gain a deeper understanding of where and when specific animals are appearing.
  • Protect valuable assets and avoid needless costs associated with equipment damage.


Governments around the world can use this information to make strategic decisions based on the current media landscape. News organizations such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and CBS News have referenced this data when writing reports on disinformation tactics by foreign nations. Contact us today to learn more: email – or, if you prefer, request a demonstration on our website.

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